Silverhart has been an Artist for Eldemore since May 2014. She had her debut in July 2014 with her litter of Prairie Paint Elkrin.

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About Silverhart

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Siverhart is a female from the US who loves to draw, read, film, write and spend time on Eldemore.

Artist Stuff

For inspiration, Silverhart mostly uses things in her surroundings like movies, pieces of music, pictures, or the like. She always uses something she loves for her litters.

Silverhart doesn't have a tablet or expensive drawing tools, but rather she uses a plain mouse and the free program Fire Alpaca.

She most enjoys designing Elkrin and Otterlings, since she finds their poses very interesting, but she also likes to work with the other unique species.

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Silverhart really enjoys drawing horses and four-legged animals in general. Most people say that drawing horses is difficult, but Silverhart find horses pretty suitable with her style.

One of her least favorite things to draw are human faces. She really admire people who can draw human faces but for her it's kind of science.

Siverhart and Eldemore


Silverhart has been with Eldemore since it was merely a user-made adoptable on the site Chicken Smoothie. One day she a saw a rune dragon in someones signature and fell in love with them immediately. 

When Eldemore was announced to the public she felt both very excited and nervous, but also curious about the site.

Most of all she loves the awesome community on Eldemore and the amazing artwork. She feels really welcomed and comfortable on Eldemore which always keeps her in the site. She has also mentioned that she adores the lore and the event stories greatly.

Being an artist for Eldemore doesn't feels like work for her, but rather like a fun challenge for her artistic abilities. She knew that the admins need all the help they could get and she desires to give the community something back for all what it gave to her.

For Eldemore's future she wishes to see more features, pets and stories.

(All information and Images are given by Silverhart herself)