What is a Staff Member?

A Staff Member is someone chosen by Benathorn and Jendalie to help around the site with specific tasks. Applications open up usually once a year.

Administrators are the creators of the site. They are in charge of everything that goes on, such as coding, lore, and appointing the rest of the staff. They are wielders of the banhammer.

Moderators keep a lookout in the forums and deal with rule-breaking or rudeness. They can edit/delete posts, lock/unlock topics, and move things from board-to-board. You cannot apply to be a moderator, you can only be promoted from a General Helper.

Artists are responsible for designing each month's creatures, as well as those released for special occasions. They put a lot of work into creating each pet and replicating the design in each growing stage.

General Helpers are in charge of showing new members their way around Eldemore, as well as helping out with questions and clearing up confusion. They maintain an omniscient presence.

The Archivist's job is to run the monthly outcomes thread, maintaining a clean, organized place for members to see what has grown and when. There is only one archivist.




General Helpers


Retired Staff